A dog comes here daily and helps kids cross the street safely

Animals can surprise us in various ways. In the past, we really talked about kindergarten teachers, they laughed at the grumpy observer for watermelons, they talked about owls sleeping with their faces down, and many others. And now what? Is there something we have not seen before? Yes, the answer is yes.

Today we look at a good character who probably worked as a road worker in one of his previous lives. Meet a Georgia dog named Kobata, who has become a local celebrity and helps children cross the street safely.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Such a good boy!

The video I had just seen was shot by a man named Beka Tsinadze in Batumi, Georgia. The video shows a group of young kids waiting to park their cars, so they can cross the street safely. But then comes to rescue the mysterious dog and saves the day by stopping the movement.

And it wasn’t just a one-time thing!

It turns out Kubata does it every day! He works primarily as a full-time traffic employee. And only you, according to unknown data, can be the best traffic officer there … “Kubata gets angry every time she crosses a car,” said the local dodo. “He takes his work seriously. Sometimes children wait an hour to feel safe in the garden and cross the street safely. ”

No one knows why Cuba decided to become a travel officer. But it is absolutely amazing. Kubata was actually a walking dog before he got here, but then the locals took care of him. Perhaps the volunteer work for this dog is a form of gratitude to all members of the community who helped him when he needed it urgently.

“I am sure that he believes that his job is to take care of the children and take care of our street. Kubata told us that even dogs can be very responsible and very sincere, ”said a resident of Dodo.

By the way, Kupata means “Sausage” in English!

Adjara Tourism Department recently honored the puppy with the presentation of its own dog. The nursery is also decorated with the “People’s Choice” star, which is called Cuba!

Even so, a kupata was recently painted on the wall of a Batumi house! There He’s a real star!

Everybody in here loves him!

Image credits: lovelykupata

This dog is so loved he even has Facebook and Instagram accounts dedicated to him!

And everybody wants to be a friend to him

And after a long working day, Kupata likes to appreciate the finer stuff of life by taking some well-deserved rest

It seems like the whole internet absolutely loves him

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