A dog that loves to sleep in the sun finds the perfect place to nap

Nellie the sausage pup is puppy who enjoys the sun! Her owner describes her as a “4-month low solar powered racer and queen of spots” on her Instagram page, and you’re about to see the reason in the images below. 🙂
Wherever Nellie can find even the smallest sunlight through her, she claims that this is the place to take her nap!
And who can blame her? The warmth and comfort of the sun are so relaxing and unparalleled. And for a young teether puppy, this is the best way to get everything she needs!
And the other day Dachshund found on the floor an ideal spot that enveloped his whole body and nothing more! It seemed that it were there only for her. 🙂
Dad was able to take photograph of the dog taking full advantage of the warmth and post it to Reddit where she took her own life!
Nellie needs that beautyrest, and finding  the best way to get it. 🙂
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