Abandoned Dog Find Tied to Tree With Bag of Food And Heartbreaking Note Attached To His Collar

ZeusIn life, it is always hard to tell what future holds and this, for some people, is the best moment to test our character. However, for Zeus, he did not expect much after he found himself tied to a tree with a piece of writing.Zeus had been deserted by his owner and left at the mercy of good Samaritans.


The owner had tied him to a tree together with some food and left a small note on his collar.The note stated the name of the doggy, Zeus, said the doggy was very good, the owner was not able to care for him, and that the owner did what she could to get him home to no avail.Those who love dogs certainly liked this, and even if they cannot afford to adopt him, they can surely get him one by either taking him to an animal shelter or finding someone who could be willing to adopt him.

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