Family rescued cat from farm, and the kitty decided to guard and protect their baby for life

Italian Stefano De Munari finds his barn abandoned to a cat. The long-haired kitten took to De Munari immediately so the man decided to bring the cat around. What he did not know was the extremely important role that this cat would play in his baby daughter’s life.

De Munari claims that it was supposed to be his encounter with the cat which he called Tiger. “It’s also supposed to be. He then chose me, and when we found out we had our daughter Sofia he was still next to her even when she was still in the belly of the mother, “said De Munari. In reality, before Sofia was born, Tiger would lie on the mom’s belly, purring the whole time!

As Sofia came into the world she got a four-legged canine mother and best friend immediately. “He had been shielding her since she was born and the two are still together,” De Munari explained.

Tiger loves to hang out with Sofia…

I do enjoy playing with her!

This wonderful cat also likes to watch the world go by with his best friend at his side.

Often that means just seeing the world go by inside the building!

Tiger absolutely loves to nap with Sofia, willingly doubling as a pillow while she sleeps.

Sofia has a loyal, supporter and friend in Tiger, who will always love her no matter what. We have been together now for a year and they are completely inseparable.

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