Something You Might Not Know About Prince Harry. This Is Incredible.

“Some of these guys should be dead. Never before have we had so many amputees survive from such unbelievably traumatic injuries. I’m now lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 metres. You want a definition of inspiration? That’s probably it.”

The Prince thinks it’s especially important to talk about the invisible, psychological traumas and illnesses that veterans suffer from, as well.

“[Invisible trauma] is a massive issue. The stigma surrounding it is a massive issue. I want to re-emphasize the point to people that it’s not a ticking time bomb. Psychological illnesses can be fixed if sorted out early enough. We’ve got to keep the issue at the forefront of people’s minds. And you know what? The simplest of things, just talking about it, makes all the difference.”

It’s clear that even after his deployment, Prince Harry’s dedication to his fellow soldiers remains strong.

“Anybody who serves our country and puts their life on the line, and then can bring themselves back from an injury like that, deserves everything. From every single one of us.”

It looks like Harry truly did inherit his mother’s generosity..
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