The Rat Goes To The Giant German Shepherd and Snuggles When It is Time For Sleep

Nuka is a gentle and gigantic dog that in childhood always got along well with other animals in its home. Therefore, when the local pet store was looking for emergency homes for their animals due to the closure of COVID-19, the family decided to help. And then Nuka invited a gray-white rat named Blue to the house!

And the rat immediately took Nuka! The German Shepherd was raised as a puppy to lie on the floor when Mom enters the room with a small animal so that he could rest before the game. This allowed Blue to snuggle up to the dog’s thick coat like a nest, and they took a nap.

They do it all the time now, and Nuka won’t budge in order to not disturb his little sleeping buddy. And the dog will also lick the rat to give him a bath, and Blue doesn’t mind at all! 🙂

They have perfect personalities for each other.

It’s hard to tell who likes whom more, but they are so comfortable with each other that the Blues can even use the dog’s body as a playground! Nuka allows this because he wants his rat friend to be happy.

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