They Saved Him 7 Years Ago From Death – Now This Squirrel Comes Every Day to Say Thank You


An owl attacked Bella when she was just four weeks old. This is a terribly young age for a squirrel to sustain any injuries, and it is particularly problematic when the animal is attacked by a vicious predator like an owl. People tend to think of owls and birds of prey as being adorable, but they can be very threatening for much smaller animals.

rescue squirrel

A wildlife rescue group was able to find Bella just in time, and this made all the difference in the world with regards to whether or not the poor creature would ever make a full recovery. The winter time was approaching. There was no way that Bella would be able to get released back into the wild before the really cold months were on the horizon. She ended up living in captivity with three other squirrels, all of whom were named after the three stooges.

rescued squirrel

These animals were able to live in an outdoor release cage, so they lived in much more comfortable premises than a lot of people would have believed otherwise. They were formula fed, and they also were able to get nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

One of the good things about Bella is that she appeared to be a normal squirrel for the most part. This made it easier for all people involved to plan ahead for her future and everything that would happen to her once she was released into the wild.

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